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Utility Billing

The City of Columbus accepts water bill payments in the form of cash, check, or credit card.

Payments may be mailed to:

Columbus City Hall

300 E. Maple,

Columbus, Kansas 66725

Online Payments: 

Citizens and Businesses are able to pay utility bills and court payments online. When conducting this credit card transaction, you agree to make your payment to the City of Columbus. There is a convenience fee attached to this transaction which is separate from any penalties and interest associated with the transaction. This convenience fee will be shown broken down on the payment details, and is included in your charge total.

By using the City of Columbus website, you confirm acceptance of the convenience fee associated with using a service provided by eGov, the city's website provider, and authorizes eGov to conduct this transaction on your credit card or debit card in the full amount shown. The service fee amount is also affected by the type of card used and is paid directly to eGov for providing the online service and is not earned or absorbed by the City of Columbus.  

Your payment is not "complete" until it has passed authorization, settlement and the transaction fee is received by eGov. Should, for any reason, the transaction not be completed for reasons including, but not limited to card fraud, agency non-acceptance or information failure; you are liable for all interest and penalties associated with your obligation to conduct this payment. Any failures associated with the processing of this transaction are your responsibility. 

An account through the City's website must be set up by registering an email prior to an individual's or business' initial use of the service.  To access the online service to make a payment, citizens will need to click on the Bill Pay tab or the "Payment Center" hyperlink on the City of Columbus home page.  In the payment center, the customer must select which type of payment they want to make from the dropdown menu.  To make a utility payment, customers are required to input their name, account number, payment amount, and card information.  Citizens will also have the ability to make court payments online.  To pay a fine, individuals are required to input their name, date of birth, payment amount, and card information. Payments made online go through an authorization process which may delay the posting to an account in some situations. All customer information submitted through the online bill pay service is encrypted for the safety of the users of the service.

DISCLAIMER: The City of Columbus is not responsible for any delays or financial miscalculations experienced through usage of online bill pay service operated by a third party corporation (eGov). eGov is not owned or operated by the City of Columbus. By using the website you are agreeing to all of the requirements of eGov and are transacting business with eGov.  

Additional Payment Options:

You may also pay at City Hall by walking in or using our convenient drive-thru window or drop box. Accounts can be set up to be automatically deducted each month from your checking or savings account at no additional fee. With ACH debit, you never pay a penalty or have a delinquent payment unless your bank account has insufficient funds.

Payments are due on the 10th of each month. A 10% late fee is assessed to the outstanding balance after this date.

Bills not paid in full by the 25th of the month will be scheduled for shut off and a reconnection fee will be assessed. You can contact the billing department with any questions.

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